I have been doing aerial (think Cirque du Soleil) for about 5 months now. I met an amazing group of people through the class I joined to learn aerial techniques. Recently, they opened up a kid’s class, and I was excited to maybe have my kids share this fun art with me. It took a lot of convincing, because of the height and the whole “I can’t do that!”, and I explained that Mom wasn’t able to do anything until I tried, either.

M has watched me practice a few things at home, so when I brought it up again, she decided she would like to try. Assuming that J wouldn’t want to still, I asked him, and he said “you know, why not try”. *PROUD*

Every day that we got closer to class, M kept telling me she was so excited to go. They had been in to watch a few classes with me over the summer, so they got to meet a few of the instructors, and I think that helped out a lot.

For this class, the amazing Mikah and Jen were so awesome with them, and the entire class. They learned climbing the silk, some acro yoga poses (something I have never done myself), and even got to go on the cube (something I had only done just the day before!)

They came out of it very excited to do it some more, and even J said he would like to try one more time.