In our continuation to expose the kids to good food and different types and tastes, we took them to a food truck bazaar this weekend. What is a food truck bazaar you ask? Well let me tell you!

From The Daily City’s blog (they have organized 4 of these events so far):

Sunday dinner is served! Each month in Orlando, gathers the area’s best food trucks, carts and wagons from Orlando’s growing food truck scene in one spot for a family-friendly, all-ages evening of sampling and snacking. And this ain’t fast food, people! This is gourmet goodness: chefs, cooks, foodies all prepping and cooking delicious fresh food for you. NO FAST FOOD! Free admission.

The long lines for the good food.


Living in the suburban area that we do, the opportunity for food trucks is slim. Our business districts are so spread out and not really enough to keep many in business. We are growing fast, but still not up to par with most cities. Personally, I have never eaten from a food truck, but the idea of it (now) makes me very excited! Before I would of never thought to EVER eat from a hot dog truck (never been a big fan of hot dogs) or anything that wasn’t a chain that I knew very well. As I have gotten older and wiser (cough) I have learned the best things come from non-chains, and hot dogs aren’t the devil. Especially really really burnt ones 😀 Now on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel they have shows to showcase things like food trucks and there is this huge new wave of gourmet food trucks. (Check out the show Eat St. It makes me drool every time.  Schnitzel truck??!! Dream come true). Even before this food truck wave got popular, No Reservations highlighted all the great street foods from so many different countries and I kept wanting that in our country, and now, it’s here!

Thankfully, we live just a small trip away from Orlando, who can support a huge food truck community. I had no idea they even had as many as showed up to the bazaar. And each bazaar has some same ones but many different ones as well. Our friends Jon and Rachael, who run linked us to this neat event a few months ago and I have been waiting to introduce the kids as well as myself to some amazing yet compact restaurants and styles.

I had read about the previous events before our trip out there, so I knew to bring chairs, and I decided to bring a cooler for drinks for the kids and adults, mostly because I wasn’t sure what would be offered, and throwing the kids into an unfamiliar food environment as well as drinks, I wasn’t ready for that much backlash just yet. Things I will remember to bring the next time, however, blanket or more chairs, wet naps/wipes, bigger appetite.

Kids enjoying the food outside the Yum Yum Cupcake truck.

A little girl checking out Mama's Fixin's truck menu

The Big Wheel Provisions truck

When we arrived, we scoped out each food truck’s menu first. As well as thinking about all the options we wanted to try, we had to find the least scary ‘new’ thing for the kids to try. The whole idea of getting food out of the trucks, was a bit odd for the older kids. The younger ones thought nothing of it. I found that I wanted at least 2 items from every truck. Which would of been fine, but the long lines are quite intimidating. Especially when trying to orchestrate food for 6. Peter immediately honed in on the Big Wheel Provisions truck and their  spicy pork belly sandwich. I was all excited for their poutine. So he waited in line there, while I sauntered off to other lines.


My 14 year old, A, was having a hard time finding something ‘normal’, but found a bacon cheeseburger at the Treehouse Truck , and just removed the bacon (I know!!! Here’s hoping he will grow into the bacon love…). I quickly read over the handwritten description which I read as ‘on a kaiser bun’. While waiting in line elsewhere, I was informed by Jon that the bacon cheeseburger was between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts at the Treehouse Truck. I flipped out thinking A didn’t know about that part and he would NOT like what he got. I immediately called his phone, hoping he was still in line, and asked “You realize the burger you are getting is on two doughnuts and not a bun?” His reply? “Uh yeah mom” in his best sarcastic obvious voice. Um, okey. He’s a step ahead of me. Good. 🙂 (Trying to ignore the screaming ‘Mom Voice’ in my head about how all that sugar is just bad and grease and blah blah blah, which is drowned out by ‘suck it up and let him enjoy it, that is what you wanted, him to try new things….’)

My 10 year old, C, saw macaroni and cheese all over all the trucks boards and was really wanting that. We stopped at one and he said he wanted the mac and cheese…. but without the basil, and the red/yellow peppers, and the bacon (sigh). I tried to explain that this is not a fast food place. That these people worked hard on putting the right tastes together and they have a perfected assembly line and menu for what is on the menu and it is insulting to change their masterpiece to your taste. Flew right over his head. Ahh well, maybe next time. We ended up at Mama’s Fixins Soulfood and BBQ truck for their mac and cheese, and then I made him try some of their chicken as well. I also grabbed the lil’ ones some mac and cheese.

While waiting in line for the mac and cheese and chicken, Peter showed up withh is pork belly sandwich and poutine, and surprisingly enough, the kid’s tried it and like it! Score 1 for mom!


Jon and Rachael from taking blog photos

My kids checking out the pork belly and poutine

Poutine heaven with herb ricotta and gravy

Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich w/ Buffalo Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese and Arugula

The amazing Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger

Mama's Fixin's truck chicken, mac and cheese, and beans

After relaxing a bit with our food, the kids wanted some dessert, so we went to the Sunset Italian Ice truck and they had cotton candy, while A had the lime and watermelon.

Relaxing with food.

The Sunset Italian Ice truck

A and his Italian Ice

M and her Italian Ice

My Sour Apple and Watermelon

J and his Cotton Candy Italian Ice

C and his Cotton Candy/Sour Apple Italian Ice

My kids and their Italian Ice

Jon and Rachael had hit about 8 trucks by the time we were done and told me about Treehouse’s deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Traveling Gourmet’s Grilled Portabella & Goat cheese pressed sandwich with a Green Olive Pesto.  I figured I would try the portabella and waited in line. About 10 minutes in, I gave up and realized I was really full from the poutine, and taste testing all the other stuff, so I headed over to the Italian ice and grabbed myself a sour apple/watermelon.I am still very sad I did not try the portabella or the deep fried peanut butter sandwich, or many other items from all the other trucks, but I have something to look forward to next time, and the kids are so excited to go eat ‘at the parking lot!’ again.  This event was put together by The Daily City at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall, and another one at the same place will be on August 21st. We won’t be able to make it to that one, but I suggest you go and try it yourself or look up any of your local food trucks and give them a try! Most are on Facebook and move around and post where they will be. I absolutely love this ‘new’ trend!