This post is a continuation of the post Making a Shield.

The same night that we bought all the supplies for the shield, we also picked up the broadsword supplies. We attempted to make the broadsword that night, but was thwarted by an obstacle – we don’t own a vise. The actual broadsword took 2 days to make – spending most of that time trying to figure out a way to flatten the PVC. (Word to the wise – PVC just rolls under car tires, not flatten.)


  • Spare cardboard
  • 24 x 24 interlocking foam flooring (Big Lots, 4pk for $12)
  • Duct tape (JoAnn’s for $4)
  • 1″ PVC pipe (Home Depot $2)
  • (1) 11/8″ furniture rubber tip (Big Lots, 4pk $2)
  • Nylon rope
  • Self-Piercing screw
  • Access to a Vice or a grill and two pieces of plywood


  1. You need to make a cardboard model and cut out the form.

    Plan for model

    Drawing out the model.

    Cutting the model.

  2. Draw a straight diagonal line across the foam sheet and trace the form along both sides of the line. Make sure to flip the model over for the second side so that it will fit together properly. (on the picture, we had to draw a second time because the first form was done incorrectly) and cut them out.

    Interlocking foam

    Tracing the model onto the foam

    Cutting out the foam

  3. Tape the two pieces together with duct tape, make sure to tape across bottom and top as well.

    Taping two foam pieces together

  4. Measure the PVC pipe so that you have 5″ of space from the point for safety (when putting the pvc pipe in, it should not go further than the 5″) and mark to the bottom of the foam so you know what you will be flattening.

    Measure and mark PVC

  5. To flatten the PVC you should use a vise, but we did not have one, so my husband heated up the grill and placed the PVC on the grill for a few minutes to soften, then placed the pipe between two pieces of plywood and flattened it with his body weight.

    Melt PVC on the grill.

    Flatten between plywood.

  6. Slide the PVC pipe into the foam form, only up to 5″ from the point, and measure 7″ from the foam for the handle and saw the excess off.

    Slide PVC into the foam.

    PVC into the foam up to 5" from the point.

    Cut the handle 7" from the foam end.

  7. Screw in (on both sides) at the top of the PVC and at the bottom of the foam.
  8. Cut two pieces of foam 3″ x 10″ for the hilt. Tape the pieces together and cut a hole in the middle to slide down the pipe.

  9. Cut another piece of foam to wrap around the bottom screw, above the hilt and tape.

  10. Cut out two diamonds, one for each side of the sword to cover the top screw. Tape them in place.
  11. Put the hilt on after the screw cover and tape it in a bend.
  12. Place the rubber tip on the end of the PVC.

    Furniture rubber tip

    Place on end of handle.

  13. Wrap the nylon around the handle of the sword, then pull the end through the loop and pull it tight on top and bottom. Tape over the excess to keep in place.
  14. Tape over the entire foam part of the sword.
  15. FIGHT!

    Hail to the king, baby!