We now have an additional contributer to Mommyhack!

My name is Christey and that’s me. With my brood. And one of my favorite people from history (besides Franklin and Hemingway….) in 2010.

And then all of them in 2014 in Hogsmead at Universal Studios.

I am awful at these ‘about you’ pages, so here I am in bullet form:

  • Mother of four amazing children, currently 19, 15, 8 and 9
  • Photojournalist, doing freelance currently
  • Off-Roading my Jeep, thus fixing my Jeep. A lot.
  • Portrait and food photographer (OrangeMoonStudios.com and FotoCuisine.com respectively)
  • Idea master and Hack, which is where this site comes into play. Daily, I get asked about all the stuff I do for the kids and how I did it or where I got the idea from. Plus when I am trying to find information on certain things for the kids, I can’t, so hopefully this will fill the gap for other moms/parents.
  • Computer Geek, Book Nerd, Comics Fan, Old School Gamer, Role Player and Space nut.
  • Not crunchy. But it might seem like it from the site. But not really.
  • With that said, a solid believer in Moderation.

Well hello there!  I’m Jodilyn, the newest guest contributor to Mommyhack Blog.  So, so happy to be sharing my crazy ideas with others.  Christey has my heterolifemate since  ’96 and I’ve been her fan for years. 🙂


I work as a paralegal by day and have always been in the legal field.  I was born in NJ, moved to Central Florida, moved on a whim to Southern California before being woo’d by my husband to move to the cold mitten (Michigan).


My husband and I have been married since May 2012.  We definitely try to hack our way through life. (We got married at a park in Orlando, FL, reception dinner at BlueZoo at the Dolphin Hotel and then crashed the Atlantic Dance Hall for our dancing (which all the locals know is always dead – we’re not sure how it even stays open financially) then paid for our honeymoon to Europe with frequent flier miles).  I am beyond blessed to have this man in my life; He’s the best.  After marriage, our family grew with two cats, Bond and Bella. That makes the female to male count in our house 3:1.

In 2015 we added “Squirtle” to the family.  Ratio is now 4:1. Muhahahahaha!


I’m excited to share my ‘hacks’ with you (and my hack fails).